Drawings from CFI children

General Behavior Manifestations of Abused Children

*Hyperactive *Temper tantrums
*Aggressive *Drug problems
*Disruptive *Truancy
*Destructive *Academic failure
*Withdrawn *Delinquency
*Depressed *Socially inappropriate behavior
*Assumption of paternal role toward abusive parent *Shy
*Anxious *Precocious behavior
*Passive *Frequent and severe mood changes
*Learning problems that
cannot be diagnosed
*Low self-esteem
*Uncommunicative *Infantile behavior
*Frightened by adult contact *Apprehensive
*Consistently alert to danger *Hungry for affection
*Constantly day-dreaming *Impaired ability for enjoyment
*Arrives to school too early and regularly remains after class *Cries easily and often rather than going home

Child Abuse-The Educators' Responsibility
Crime Prevention Center (Revised April 1983)
Office of Attorney General Bill Lockyer

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